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    5 Ways to Thank Dad this Father’s Day + Free Gift Coupon Printable with Basic Invite

    5 Ways to Thank Dad this Father's Day

     This post is dedicated to my dad, who raised me as a Princess, so one day I would find a man who would treat me like a Queen. Thanks Dad for all you do for our family.

    This week I’ve paired up with Basic Invite to share with you five ways to thank dad this Father’s Day. My dad is a simple guy, and if your dad is like my dad, material gifts are not his thing.  He would rather be out fishing, or just spending some quality one on one time with his kids than getting another pair of socks or watch for father’s Day. So you are probably wondering what to get the guy who already has everything? Well here are five ways to say thank you this Father’s Day plus a free gift coupon printable below.  Continue reading