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    6 Instagram Worthy Brunch Spots in Houston Pt. 2

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    Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great week! Today on the blog I wanted to share with you my favorite Instagram worthy brunch spots in Houston. I get this question a lot, and more specifically on “cute/pretty” brunch spots in Houston, because lets face it we go as much for the food as we do the ambience. And there is nothing like taking a cute food picture in a picturesque setting. As a blogger who loves to eat and try new things, I am always on the hunt for cute places to eat at and also take pictures at. Last year around this time I did a previous round-up of the most Instagram worthy brunch spots in Houston you can check out here, which are still some of my favorite places to go to! But I thought I would continue with the series with all the new brunch spots that have been to this year that I HIGHLY recommend you check out. Check out my top picks of Instagram worthy brunch spots in Houston below!

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