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Hey guys so I did this fun product review of Jamberry Nails for a sweet friend of mine. I’ve never tried them until now. I don’t normally get my nails done, I prefer all natural just because I am so active, and do a lot with my hands it is hard to keep nails on. I’m also not a fan of how thick and heavy acrylic or fake nails feel on my fingers. I was pleasantly surprised by how light weight these nails felt in comparison to fake or acrylic nails. It was a ton of fun to sport such a cute design on my nail in the convenience of my own home. The only downside for me, was the application process. It was hard to get some of them to fit straight on my nails, so I had tiny creases on my nails. However, this would make a great investment for someone who loves to do their own nails and change it up with fun and unique designs. For more information, if you are interested in trying this product, click here, and talk to Lyssa one of Jamberry’s independent consultant. Ask how you can become financially independent by working from home and becoming a consultant!

<3 Dawn


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  • Reply Lyssa Vogler

    Thank you so much for trying Jamberry Nails out, Dawn!! I’m glad you enjoyed having some fun, cute nails! The application process can be tricky and tedious the first time, but definitely gets easier and quicker after the first try! I also have tons of tips and tricks to help out the application process depending on the shape of your nail beds! ?

    Thanks again!!

    June 10, 2015 at 1:28 pm
    • Reply dawnpdarnell

      You’re welcome and thank you again for letting me try it out!

      June 10, 2015 at 6:23 pm

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