30 Day Challenge – May Resolutions


Hey guys, so my first 30 days are done! Goodbye April, hello May! So how did I do? Well I didn’t get to accomplish all my resolutions but I was still very please with how much I did get done.

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My Diet

I was very good about not eating out unless it was to celebrate an occasion, but I did on occasion, when I was at work, eat at Chic Filay more than once in a week; however, I always had the healthy grill chicken pieces and fruit option so that was a plus. I will continue to get better at my April resolutions in addition to my new resolutions for this month. Here are this month’s diet resolutions.

1. Before I start breaking down my macros and creating a meal plan, I will be tracking my calories  on My Fitness Pal. This will allow me to see what is working and not working for me when I start making adjustments to my diet next month.

2. I will cook something new once a week. I will be honest with you, I am spoiled by my family and husband. But I know I need to improve my cooking skills and plus soon my son will be old enough to start eating solid food. I can’t shy from my responsibilities any longer so be on the look out for future food posts!

My workout

I was very pleased with my results, even though I only strength trained once a week,  the other times I did cardio or plyometric workouts with my son at home or at the park. I still noticed such a big difference in my strength. I was noticeably stronger by the end of the month. I only took one group class this month, and my goal was two. I will continue to try to make it to two group classes a month. For my gym routine I will continue following Jamie Eason’s 30 Day Total Body workout plan from my previous post. Here are my May workout resolutions:

1. Increase my strength – Increase my squats by adding 20 lbs

2. Increase my endurance – run 5 miles

3. Take 2 group classes

My spirit resolutions

  I was able to go to church once and have date night with my husband. It felt really great to have a personal life balance and to make time for what matters to me most. I’m definitely a happier mother, wife, friend, business entrepreneur, and overall just a happier person when I get to spend the time I have doing what I love with the people I love. I know I don’t get to go out as often as I did before, but when I do go I make most of the time I have. Plus it’s the quality of how you spend your time not the quantity of time you have. We all have twenty four hours in a day, and that will never change. It’s what we decide to do in those twenty four hours that we can change.

My results

 I lost 3 lbs from 121 to 118. I’m 3 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight. You can see my mid section tighten up. My hormone line down my belly is still visible but slowly fading away. I still have work to do, but I am very proud of my results and all the hard work put into it. Progression not perfection.


Thanks for following me on my journey!

<3 Dawn

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